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Terms of Service

1. Booking Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions reflect the contract between the traveler (referring to “you”, “client” or “the person making the booking” and SE Hungary Ltd., registered under VAT HU14591684 with its registered seat at Dohány utca 14/ V, 1074, Budapest, Hungary (referred to as SE). The person making the booking is assumed to represent the group.

2. Law governing the contract

The contract is governed by Hungarian law as Budapest is the destination of travel. Both sides accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the local court in Hungary and render any dispute in connection with the contract hereunder.

3. Booking Procedure

  1. A booking is made and confirmed, when the client has made an effective payment for the deposit. Once payment is received by SE a confirmation e-mail is being sent with the invoice downloadable from your own account at This confirms the booking.
  2. A voucher is then prepared with the agreed conditions and schedule and sent out to the client.
  3. Upon booking, it is assumed that the client and his group understands and accepts the terms and conditions contained herein.
  4. Booking does not finalize group size – the final group size has to be given in the 30 days following the booking.
  5. After the payment of the deposit, the remaining balance is to be settled in Cash in EUR upon arrival.
  6. The amount of the deposit is EUR 150 by default. SE reserves the right to charge different amount when it’s required because of the activities or the accommodation reservations.
  7. The entire amount is to be paid to an SE representative upon arrival or the first meeting before the start of the first activity.
  8. Please note, no separate payments are accepted, the payments in local currency can be only accepted on the exchange rate quoted by SE on the particular day. Without the payment of the remaining balance, SE reserves the right to suspend the provision of services and refuse the granting of access to your accommodation until settlement of the above.

4. Modification

  1. The modification of the contract is unrestricted until a booking has not been made as per 3.1. Once a booking has been confirmed, any modifications made no less than 30 days prior to arrival date need to be put in writing. SE will do its best to accept these changes.
  2. Modifications requested within 30 days to the travel date are at the absolute discretion of SE, SE reserves the right to refuse modification.
  3. If a modification is requested, the price of the modified package is going to be recalculated based on the actual prices at that time.
  4. Modifications requested once booking has been confirmed will be carried out with a 15 Euro charge per change.
  5. Serious modifications pertaining to group size will be handled as cancellations, and new quotes will be given for each service provided by SE.
  6. Any sales incentives (discounts) or additional services added to the package that may have applied to the original package may be lost, and will be at the discretion of SE to apply them to the modified package.

5. Cancellation

  1. Cancellations must be on a written basis.
  2. Prior to booking, cancellation is free of charge.
  3. If cancellation is made between booking and 15-30 days prior to arrival time, 25% of the total cost or the entirety of the deposit must be paid, whichever is larger.
  4. If a cancellation is made after the booking, 7-15 days before arrival, the client is going to be rendered liable to a charge of 50% of the total cost.
  5. Within less than a 1 week until arrival or in the case of no-show, the cancellation cost is going to be the full cost of the package. In case the remaining balance has not been paid for until arrival, SE is going to make a charge to the client’s credit card in the amount of it.
  6. Should the cancellation occur before the 30th day prior to arrival time, then the deposit is returned to the client.
  7. The above provisions contained herein not affect the clients rights contained in the Government Decree No. 281/2008 on Travel Agreements

6. Prices / Payment

  1. The prices on the web are indicative only and do not serve as an official offer. SE guarantees however the prices in every offer it makes to the clients in writing. The validity of each quote is stated in it, during that period, SE guarantees the prices.
  2. SE applies dynamic pricing, meaning that all its prices stated in an official quote are based on the group size and thus can vary accordingly. Smaller groups might receive a higher per person price than larger groups for the same activity.
  3. SE cannot guarantee the availability and price of the services offered in the quote beyond 14 days, it is at SE’s discretion to prolong the validity of the quote.
  4. The total price of the package is in EURs and thus this is the currency of the invoice and the relevant payments.
  5. Once the booking has been effective as per 3.1., SE guarantees the prices therein for the travel package, except in case of major currency fluctuations between the time of booking and the actual date of travel. In this case, SE is entitled to request additional payment to cover this difference.
  6. Depending on the form of payment, the client may be charged in EURs or Hungarian Forints, in which case, the relevant HUF/EUR rate of the Hungarian National Bank is used. There are no specific transaction charges / fees in connection with the total costs, but SE cannot be held responsible for any additional and unforeseen costs resulting of adverse exchange rates between the currency of the payment and the currency of the credit card holder.
  7. Our trusted partner with the online payments via credit cards is OTP Bank Hungary. Please read the full information booklet about credit card payments.

7. Accommodation

  1. SE being an agent only in providing accommodation and activities to its clients, cannot be held liable for any loss or damage related reparation fees that the hotel management requires the client to make in case of breach of certain specified conditions.
  2. The client accepts responsibility towards the accommodation itself upon receiving the keys and accepts to meet the criteria set by the management. The guidelines can be read at the reception area of the accommodation or the room itself.
  3. As an acceptance of these guidelines, some management companies require an additional deposit from the clients as a guarantee in the form of Cash or a credit card guarantee. In the latter case, no amounts are withdrawn from the card.
  4. If during the stay the rules of the accommodation are violated seriously, the management companies reserve the right to evict the client and its group without refunding. This is at the absolute discretion of the management of the accommodation, SE cannot be held liable for these.
  5. At the end of the stay, any deposit paid previously will be refunded if there is no damage, loss to the property and no rules were violated during the stay.

8. Delays, late arrival to the venues

  1. The itinerary provided to the client along with the oral agreement between the tourist guide and the group leader, constitute the schedule.
  2. If the group is more than 30 minutes late in meeting the designated tour guide at the agreed place and time for the scheduled activity, SE reserves the right to deem the activity cancelled without refund.
  3. In the event of any delay having an effect on the schedule, SE cannot be held responsible.

9. Liabilities of SE

  1. SE is a broker agent in terms of accommodation and activities and thus not the direct supplier. In that sense SE can only assume liability for errors, omissions made during booking caused by the negligence of SE’s direct employees and not of its agents and suppliers.
  2. SE doesn’t accept responsibility for the failing of the suppliers to comply with safety, hygienic or other standards set by the local authorities.
  3. During provision of the activities, it is the full responsibility of the supplier to perform according to the description provided by itself previously.
  4. In certain occasions, the suppliers are going to provide disclaimer forms, where the clients have to accept the rules and accept full responsibility in doing so.
  5. In case of safety instructions being introduced by the personnel of the supplier or the representative of SE, it is the responsibility of the client to follow those. Any substantial breach of these excludes the liability of SE for the damage, loss arising from the negligent behavior of the client.
  6. Furthermore SE or the supplier reserves the right to terminate the service in case of substantial breach of 9.5.
  7. All responsibility for any loss, damage, personal injury, harm or death resulting from the provision of the activity rests with the client and the supplier, SE excludes itself from the above.
  8. SE upholds the right to change the supplier without consultation, if it believes the needs of the client are better served with the swap, or the original supplier does not meet the standards required by the service any more. In extreme cases, SE may cancel the service, if it believes the provision of which would be a threat to the health of the clients. In this case, SE is obliged to offer alternatives of the same quality and price.
  9. Minor changes of the terms of the contract are factors in the power of SE to be changed. SE is going to inform the client of this as soon as possible.
  10. Threat of war, riots, natural catastrophes, terrorist activities are all factors amounting to force majeure and will exclude liability of SE for any cancellation or modification of the booked activities in relation to the above.
  11. In case the liability of SE is determined, it will be limited by the total cost of the package booked.

10. Liabilities of the client

  1. Clients are deemed to have accepted the code of conduct (which they will receive after booking) when making the booking, have read the conditions and are obliged to follow the guidelines in it along with every instruction of an SE representative serving the correct provision of the service.
  2. As soon as the group’s behavior becomes damaging in the relationship SE has with any of the suppliers, causes substantial stress, intimidation or unreasonable discomfort to our guides, or causes offence to a third party SE will immediately discontinue the service it is providing, and any services booked after that, without obligation to refund or replace those with other services. The decision to “walk away” from a group can be taken by the guide with or without consultation with the manager of SE due to 10.1 or 10.2.

11. Complaints

  1. It is the responsibility of the client to report any complaint or report a claim immediately to the provider of the service and / or an SE representative. By failing to do so, it is the decision of SE to deal with the claim.
  2. SE will always try to resolve the issue on the spot.
  3. In case reporting the issue on the spot is not possible due to the nature of the incident, the client is expected to submit the claim in writing to complaints at stagemporium com as soon as the opportunity arises, no later than a month after the incident.
  4. SE shall inform the client about the resolution at a maximum of 30 days after receiving the claim.

12. Loyalty Program

  1. The Loyalty Program (LP) runs on the subdomain
  2. The organiser of the LP is SE.
  3. Any feedback about the LP may be sent to loyalty at stagemporium dot com
  4. Anyone can participate in the LP who is a registered user of They are called Players.
  5. The LP starts at December 24, 2015. There is no defined end date to the LP.
  6. Only registered users can participate in the LP. They can collect points by completing activities denoted on the Activities Page: These points can be spent on special rewards denoted on the Rewards Page:
  7. In case of sweepstakes, the duration and the rules of the sweepstake is defined under the certain reward on the Rewards Page.
  8. SE protects all of the Players’ personal data. SE never shares personal data with third parties. SE only uses personal data to identify Players in the LP.

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