STAG Emporium


Wouter Dun

Hi Zsolt,

Organisation was excellent. No time was wasted as the bus was always available on time. Anna did an excellent Job, taking us to nice place and upon us telling what we would like to see different in the next place to visit it was there. She was also very helpful in ordering taxis when needed and make restaurant reservation for us.

Spa was a good day activity to recover from the day before which was necessary. Studio was great place especially for this event. Different from any club you would normally go to in Amsterdam or London as this was much bigger and quite an experience. Normally with 14 guys you could be a bit overly present in small club but here not a problem.

All in all very well arranged, appartments good as well for this occation so no complaints at all.

I already provided your details to a colleague of one of the participants from our trip so hopefully will contact you soon. If I hear anyone who would do a party in Budapest I would certainly recommend you.

Thanks again and best regards,