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Dating Tips: How To Date Beauties

Dating advices go a long way through the internet, but you couldn’t find more authenticity than of from swimsuit models. How do you approach a goddess on the street or at a party when her look warms your body making your blood flow up and down? Well, mainly down…

Having the first sentence lead to an answer with a smile on her face is priceless. It takes confidence, courage, style, and certain amount of luck to get there. How you increase your chances is only up to you. It’s a matter of practice and building self-esteem and you dramatically increase your chances if you try.

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You definitely won’t succeed by reading blogs only, but preparation is key to master the game! There you are, some dazzling tips from illustrious ladies. ran a quick interview on Sports Illustrated models to find out the answer to the question: how do their boyfriends got their attention? 

They agreed that you should forget about cheesy pick up lines and be yourself.


“A smile is important. It’s good if you’re not too pushy. Be nice, but not too aggressive” – says Sofia Resing “No pick-up lines! Be yourself, be natural – don’t come with a script or something cheesy.” – Hannah Davis


They seem to give a lot of credits to the guys who have the courage to step up and be themselves. You don’t have anything to lose, but only if you try.


“I really appreciate a guy that comes up and says something to me. It takes a lot of courage to come and say something and have a nice conversation. I enjoy [a nice conversation]. If the girl likes you, it is a really good [move] — you’ll know if she likes you. You’ll feel the vibe, so keep it going. Otherwise, just walk away.” — Chanel Iman


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Learn to build a conversation. Talk about yourself and be curious about the beauty, too!


“It’s crazy out there and you don’t know who people are anymore, so it’s nice to have conversations and ease your way into [dating].”
— Samantha Hoopes


Don’t mix being confident with being cocky. Women like bold guys, not assholes.


“It is a fine line between being confident and cocky. Women do love confidence but not to be outshined. Let the woman be a woman. Don’t put her down to try make yourself seem smarter or wittier or all that.”
— Nina Agdal


Texting a lot is a sign of weak confidence. Although some nice and funny words will do the job, making a call is more personal and women like to hear your voice. Pick up the phone and call!


“Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call. Do not text. I’m a caller. I have to text when I am not able to call, but especially in the beginning when you’re getting to know someone you absolutely have to pick up the phone. If you want to ask them out on a date, pick up the phone. Be a gentleman. Those old school things go a long way.”
— Hannah Davis


“I love a guy that can call me. I like to hear people’s voices. It’s more personal. But a sweet text throughout the day is nice, too. A good text message can make your whole day better.”
— Chanel Iman


“When I was shyer, I was more of a texter. Now, I’m more of a caller. When you get a text you can interpret it anyway. You never really know what the person means until you hear it.”
— Rose Bertram


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Don’t let loose when you start dating. Make it flirty, funny, and be original. Let her know that you think about her several times a day.


“Don’t lose your game! Don’t think that just because you’ve been together for awhile that you don’t have to do certain things anymore. Me and my boyfriend, when we’re not together, definitely focus on sending cute messages, sending flirty pictures. Don’t give up on that. Keep it flirty, fun, and fresh!”
— Nina Agdal

Be straightforward and romantic.


“Personally, I’m more straightforward, but you need some romance sometimes. A little sparkle.”
— Sofia Resing


“Flowers are okay. [Laughs] I appreciate flowers. But something more personal, more thoughtful goes further.”
— Chanel Iman

Leave her space. She needs it too!


“Don’t do everything together so you have something to talk about when you do come together.”
— Robyn Lawley


Remember, it’s not this post that will make you into the Don Juan of the century, but hey, go out and practice!


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