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Best Pranks: Stag Arrest with Bungee Jumping

police women

Almost real police women – Photo credits: Flickr

There are classic stag pranks, ones you can’t go wrong with, ones you really shouldn’t miss out on when preparing an epic stag do.

The best thing about them though, is that they can mostly be updated and combined with brand new twists to keep them fresh. One of our favorites at Stag’s Emporium is the Stag Arrest. I’ll explain it for newcomers in a second, but let’s see what one of the possible twists is. If you read the title you already know, but let me just reiterate.

Bungee Jumping. Here’s how it works.

The Stag Arrest is fairly simple in essence, but of course, as with everything that is simple, it’s all about the execution. Throughout our countless Stag Do’s we have perfected this down to fine science, but naturally, we’ll need your help to really sell it.

During the day you choose for this little surprise (I personally recommend the very first day to really give it a kick), either at the airport, or during one of your transfers, two “undercover policemen”, who will be highly convincing, we promise, will for some reason or another arrest the celebrated stag. They will put a hood on his head, handcuff him, put him in a car, and take him for a ride downtown.

I have seem this happen, believe me it is scary.

The ride won’t take him downtown of course. No. It will be of some length to let the dread set in, but at the end the stag will be brought to the outskirts of Budapest, where the rest of you will have already been transferred to. There is where we will have the jumping-crane set up.

It’s like a regular crane, except you can bungee jump off it. It’s up to you who gets to rip off the hood and see the reaction really up close, but the cameras should really be ready when you tell the stag that he has to jump off that huge scary thing over there.

Now, truth to be told, if you can’t get him to consent, obviously he won’t be thrown off the top, and we’ll let a brave volunteer take over for him. Somebody will definitely jump.

Again, if this goes smoothly, it will be something every single one of you will remember for the rest of your lives. If need be we can supply diapers. You know. Just in case.

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