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STAG Emporium Activity: Sexy Soccer

Sexy Soccer in Budapest I Stag’s Emporium

Budapest Sexy Soccer

We’re always looking for new types of events we can make happen for you, and we’ve recently added something that is a lot of fun and is sure to get many-many requests. This, gentlemen, is Sexy Soccer!

Sexy Soccer was born out of the realization that we couldn’t think of anything in a aag Do that couldn’t be made better by adding beautiful women.

So we took an existing event, five a side soccer, and put together a team of beautiful Hungarian girls who know how to play, and dressed them in bikini tops and shorts or skin tight leggings, depending on the weather.

You have never been this much distracted in your whole life.

So what is this “playing soccer” thing I keep mentioning between thoughts on beautiful women? Well the game is five a side, which means each team has 4 outfielders and a goalie. The field is akin to a standard soccer field but smaller, and there are no out-rules, the ball is always in play. You decide who does what on your team, and then try to retain memories of any strategy you might have come up with when you see your opponents.

As for a breakdown of the whole shebang, a transfer is included, which will take you to either the indoor or the outdoor field, depending on the season and the weather. You’ll have time to change in the provided changing rooms, and total game-time is one hour. A round of beers will be provided, on the house, and you will also have a return transfer, back to your accommodations. The event should last about 2-2.5 hours in total, so it’s a pleasant and titillating afternoon activity on any day of your Stag Do.

No matter who’s ruling the game, everybody most definitely wins.

I guess there is no single dude in the planet who wouldn’t want to be closely guarded by these beauties. Go and try it!

Likewise, there are plenty of activities to spice up you party weekend in Budapest!

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