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Budapest Stag Pranks: The TOP 5

Stag Pranks

One age-old tradition of stag parties is the myriad of the best Budapest stag pranks pulled on unsuspecting grooms. If you take enough time and preparation you can fit in at least one, but 2 or more are not out of the question.

But which ones? There are so many, ranging from high school humor to “you’re on candid camera”, that it might be difficult to decide what to do as a group.

The Emporium is here to help! We’ll tell you about the 5 best pranks to pull on a stag party, though suggest rather not doing all of them at once…

Budapest Stag Pranks #1: The Wakeup Call

This prank requires very little preparation and is non-too hard on the groom.

What happens, is that one or more strippers are garbed in the outfits of the cleaning staff, and are quietly let into the room. They then begin cleaning up around the stag, becoming increasingly loud, urging him to wake up because they have to get everything clean.

This little confusion takes a nice turn of course, the girl or girls climb onto the bed and give a new meaning to the words “morning wood”. Though a bit frustrating for him, its great blackmail material, and a pleasant morning activity for anyone there.

This is one prank the groom definitely won’t get angry over.

#2. The Hitchhiker

Dovetailing off of the previous entry, the hitchhiker is a great way to spice up a transfer with a prank.

Again, very low maintenance, but of course everyone who is in on it has to keep a straight face. Here’s the skinny: You take a transfer from or to someplace, either a bar or activity. At a predetermined point a hitchhiker will be waiting for whatever vehicle the groom is in, and wave it down.

The driver, will of course let her in. Then comes the fun part. After a little chit-chat, de girl will start coming on to the stag and taking off her clothes, giving him the show of a lifetime.

Seeing as he thinks this is all happening at the spur of the moment, the look on the grooms face is priceless both during, and after you tell him the truth!

#3. Buddies for Life

Enough about beautiful women you say. We want something embarrassing, we want something more out of the ordinary.

This next prank perfectly epitomizes all of the above. You might have heard about handcuffing the stag to a railing or even duct taping him to a tree. Granted, that can be pretty funny, but there are some way better options.

So we suggest handcuffing him to either a plus size stripper, or a dwarf! Get him all liquored up, slap on the cuffs and let him have fun with his escort.

The more he drinks the closer he gets to the bathroom, and more fun it will be for the rest of you! Where else you decide to go is up to you imagination.

#4. Under Arrest

Now we’re getting to the really high-end options. The preparation and invested energy required is also upped, but the payoff is all that much better.

Here’s how it works: you get ready for a great night out, with the small difference that you carefully lift the stag’s I.D. This is paramount to the success of the prank.

After this you begin your night, and with the help of alcohol and your guide, goad the groom into something like being excessively loud or pulling his pants down.

Two cops will then show up, with “proper papers”, who arrest the I.D.-less stag for public indecency. They then take him for a ride downtown, but instead of ending up in jail, he’ll end up at a strip club, where you will all be waiting.

#5. The second marriage

This a really top of the line prank, but it requires serious commitment and manipulation of the stag.

What you’re going to do is convince the groom that in a drunken haze, he got married and now has a lovely wife to take home and explain. A girl is hired and outfitted with information on the stag, proper marriage papers, and of course a wedding ring.

Your job is to, first, get the groom drunk enough that he finds it plausible that he did something like this and forgot, and then to help the girl completely sell the story.

We don’t say you should take acting lessons or anything, but the group’s reactions are the most vital part of the whole prank. When pulled off, this prank is something no one will soon forget. If ever.

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