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Babes and Beer


Girls, girls, girls – what’s a stag party without them? It’s impossible to imagine, just like it’s hard to imagine no alcohol at a stag go.

So our Beer and Babes activity is looking to supply both, and in large quantities. Not only will you be taken to an exclusive strip club in Budapest, but you will also receive a special coupon, only available at Stag’s Emporium, that gives you a license to drink all you can or want.

What's included

  • Free car service to the strip club
  • Free admittance to one of the city’s more exclusive clubs
  • A free show with the stag on the stage
  • 1.5 hour drink all you want coupon in the strip club excluding champagne, premium drinks and Red Bull
  • The private dances in the strip club last 15 minutes instead a 10 for the same price
  • A lovely guide

The specifics

  • Clothing: Dress codes to be expected, shirt and nice shoes are a must
  • Equipment: None necessary
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Group Size: 6 people or more
  • Availability: This activity is available all year round
  • Transfer: Not Included – car service provided to the strip club, but not back
37 /person

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