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Pistol shooting – 73 shots


Want to condense every action movie you’ve ever seen into a couple of hours? The shooting activity is just that – a flurry of guns, ammo, and pretend-bullet time.

You’ll get to open fire on the targets with 7 of the deadliest weapons on the planet, with 73 round total. Unless you want more. We can make that happen. We can make anything happen.

What's included

  • Return Transfer by a private minibus
  • A lovely guide
  • 10x .22LR caliber MCM semi-atuomatic pistol
  • 20x 9.19 caliber CZ75/Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol
  • 6x .357 caliber Taurus 357 magnum revolver
  • 12x AK-47/SA58/AMD65 semi automatic rifle
  • 5x 12/70 caliber Remington 870 Tactical pump action shotgun
  • 10x PPSH 41 WWII Russian submachine gun
  • 10x SKS Assault Rifle
  • A round of beer after the shooting

The specifics

  • Equipment: Provided – weapons, glasses, ear-protection
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Availability: All year round
63 /person

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