STAG Emporium



Food and Beer = cheap!! We loved P1, Kraft and AK47.

Omar E.

The whole weekend was very well organized with lot of flexibility. We had no problems during our stay in Budapest.

Alex G.

Incredible weekend! No problem, very helpful guide, we loved all the activities.

Francesco Perlini

The week end was amazing, my friends and the stag were super satisfied from the service.

Evan Sutherland

We had a great time. All the activities were as good as we had hoped!

Shaun Humphreys

Our weekend in Budapest according to my party was “the best stag do ever!” Booking a stag do with Stag Emporium was straightforward and self explanatory.

Guney Ertek

I can be very short about the feedback. We liked it a lot!!


Thanks, everything was perfect, thank u so much for arranging, we had so much fun, wish u the best!

Castillon Romain

It was great. We really enjoyed it. I will advice friends to come in Budapest.

Roland Hofer

We had a lot of fun and please tell her that was a great evening for all…