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Stag Pranks: The 29 Best Ways to Juice up the Stag Weekend

We believe that stag pranks are essential parts of an exceptional a stag do. We want to help you make your stag prank memorable, so […]

a-yeon playing drums

Eye (and Ear) Candy Alert

We thought you might want to fall in love on this beautiful Friday afternoon like we did. Baek A Yeon is a Korean singer, songwriter […]

female yeti - travel blogger

The Nicest Yeti Ever Seen

She’s a fellow Hungarian girl from Budapest we are very proud of without even knowing her. She dropped her secure job and convenient life for a […]

bodybuilding rules

The New Rules of Bodybuilding

You may only want to look good until you realise how it feels to be strong! Take these tips from Men’s Health and join the […]

beautiful girls

Dating Tips: How To Date Beauties

Dating advices go a long way through the internet, but you couldn’t find more authenticity than of from swimsuit models. How do you approach a goddess on […]

Valentine's day gift idea

The Best Gift for Valentine’s Day: Multiple Orgasms for Her

As Valentine’s day is approaching, more and more lads start to look for gift ideas that are cheap and relatively easy to implement. Well, we make […]

Strip Bar Visit in Budapest I Stag’s Emporium

Strip Bar: How to Make the Most out of it

Strip bars are a rite of passage from boyhood to manhood, and also a given on any Stag Weekend. Every best man and stag party understands the […]

Budapest Stag Pranks

Budapest Stag Pranks: The TOP 5

One age-old tradition of stag parties is the myriad of the best Budapest stag pranks pulled on unsuspecting grooms. If you take enough time and […]

Police Woman - Stag arrest in Budpaest - Stag's Emporium

Best Pranks: Stag Arrest with Bungee Jumping

There are classic stag pranks, ones you can’t go wrong with, ones you really shouldn’t miss out on when preparing an epic stag do. The […]

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Budapest Bars: The 5 Types of Girls You’ll Meet

This is only a small portion of the whole spectrum, but you definitely will bump into these kinds of girls in the bars and clubs of Budapest. […]